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  • 12

    meals per week plan

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    2 Meals a day for 6 Days, A flexible meal plan perfect for Training and wellbeing.

  • 18

    meals per week plan

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    3 Meals a day for 6 Days, Perfect for Training, Recovery, Fat loss and Muscle Gain.

  • 24

    meals per week plan

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    4 Meals a day for 6 days, Perfect for Training, Muscle Gain, Energy & Recovery.


When it comes to leading a healthy and active lifestyle nothing is more important than eating clean fresh food from a variety of different sources. Muscle Meals Direct takes all the hard work out of preparing food by providing freshly cooked meals that are portion controlled, cooked fresh each week and delivered to an outlet near to you. No cooking, no cleaning, no shopping ….. That’s Muscle Meals Direct!

Healthy Balanced Meals based around your Goals and Life Style.

Meals to meet your goals,
join the new food revolution

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Muscle Meals Direct 

Delicious meals prepared fresh each week by our chefs and delivered locally to a gym, supplement store or direct to your Home. These meals are designed to aid your long term health and fitness goals. Muscle Meals provide the nutrients to help you strip fat and add lean muscle. Muscle Meals are an ideal tool to allow you to concentrate on your training and recovery as they are perfect for anyone too busy to prepare, cook and eat clean fresh food all the time. Eating clean and healthy has never been so easy.


Our mission here at Muscle Meals Direct is clear and simple 'Grow on the Go!'