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3 Tips to Less Belly Fat

By Xavier Wills - Personal Trainer


  • EAT MORE FAT - Sounds counter intuitive right? But eating higher fats and reducing the amount of carbs you eat will help lower insulin response.Insulin is primarily secreted in response to carbohydrates, excessive insulin can lead to fat storage, especially around the midsection! So by reducing carbs and increasing healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, whole eggs, salmon etc...) you'll secrete less insulin through out the day.Also another benefit is that fats slow the digestion of carbs, so when you do eat carbohydrates the digestion will be slowed, so you don't get a large hit of carbs at once. So I suggest a protein & fat only breakfast to start the day, if you make that one change, it will make a difference to your physique!
  • TAKE TIME OUT - I was going to write "meditate", but I know the negative connotation that comes with the word meditation + it's not for everyone!The reason for meditation or taking time out where you close your eyes and just take deep breathes is to aid lowering stress, & therefor lowering cortisol. While some cortisol is needed, excessive cortisol will make it harder to lose fat/easier to gain fat (especially around the belly) & make it harder to gain muscle.Take 15mins and search YouTube for "guided meditation", lie down in a dark room and give it a go! Or you can download the app "headspace" which give you a daily 10min meditation.
  •  TRY INSULIN DISPOSAL AGENTS - Sounds technical and too hard right? Wrong... Wrong!   These are supplements that aid the uptake of nutrients to the muscle (especially carbohydrates), so in doing this less insulin is required, as insulin's main job is to transport nutrients to the skeletal muscle cells. Less insulin = less belly fat