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Welcome to Muscle Meals

New Meal Planner

We’re excited to announce the launch of the MMD Meal Planner.  It has been designed in response to customer feedback asking for easier customisation, more meal variety and in-depth nutritional information. 

We think you’ll like it but please let us know your feedback by posting on our Facebook page, in-boxing us or sending us an email.  As with any new website launch, despite lots of testing, you might find some bugs or technical issues.  Please let us know about those too! 

Design Your Own Meal Plan Menu

The MMD Meal Planner offers lots of new features that make it easy to customise your Standard, Lite or Heavy Meal Plan Menu. Here are some of the ways you can use the new MMD Meal Planner & Nutrition Calculator.

Fitness goals
Whether bulking, slimming, training, off-season or pre-comp, the MMD Meal Planner gives you flexibility to customise your Meal Plan Menu with mix-and-match food and meal combinations.

Macro targets 
The MMD Meal Planner includes a Nutrition Calculator that dynamically updates with your Menu changes, making it easy to set and track your macros.

Diet types
You can easily adjust your Meal Plan Menu to suit your special dietary requirements including paleo, fish-only, no red meat, halal and no carb diets.

With one click, you can remove meals that contain lactose, gluten and nuts.

Personal taste
Only get the meals you like by selecting your favourite meal combinations and flavours.

Each meal has a set price, so it’s easy to modify your Meal Plan Menu to suit your budget.


How to Use the MMD Meal Planner

  • Login and Order Now just the same as always.
  • At the Standard, Lite or Heavy Meal Plan page, you will see three options:
    • Buy Now – click the button to select the Meal Plan Menu displayed in the table. 
    •  Customise Your Menu – click here to go to the MMD Meal Planner where you can modify your menu to suit your goals and dietary requirements. 
    • Load Last Menu Ordered – click here to re-order your last Meal Plan of the same type.  The Menu table will update with your last order.  
    • In Your Weekly Menu, you will see the Meal Plan Menu set by our Head Chef and Nutrition Consultants for a typical training diet.  When you Customise Your Meal Plan, the Menu and Nutrition Calculator will update dynamically


  • In Your Weekly Menu, you will see the Meal Plan Menu set by our Head Chef and Nutrition Consultants for a typical training diet.  When you Customise Your Meal Plan, the Menu and Nutrition Calculator will update dynamically.




  • Within the Customise Your Meal Plan section, there are multiple tools you can use to design your own Menu.  Click the Daily expansion panel to see your options.
    • Allergies – exclude foods containing gluten, lactose or nuts.
    • Meals 1-4 – use drop-down options to customise your Proteins, Sides and Sauces
    • Breakfast & Snack Meals – add Breakfast and Snack meals to your daily Menu
    • Nutrition Totals by Meal and Day – dynamically updates as you customise your Menu
    • Meal Price – each Meal has a price, so you can control your budget
    • Repeat these meals for all days – short-cut tool for updating your Menu
    • Review your weekly menu – check the Menu table to review your customised Meal Plan





  • After reviewing Your Weekly Menu, Nutrition Totals and Total price, click the BUY NOW button to complete your order.  Alternatively, you can select Reset to Default Menu to start again. 



  • In the Shopping Cart, you have another chance to review your Meal Plan and Total price.  Click the Day +_ sign to check your meal choices.  Use the trashcan icon to delete an item from the Shopping Cart.  Click Edit to go back to the Meal Plan page.  If everything looks okay, continue by clicking PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

        ORDER NOW



  • Complete the rest of your order just the same as always.





What to look out for

Re-order – you will get an error message if you try to Re-order a Meal Plan based on our old Menus or from a different Meal Plan product.  If you get this error message, you will need to start a new Meal Plan order.

Your Weekly Menu - As you make changes to your Meal Plan, the Your Weekly Menu table will dynamically update to show your new meals, Nutritional Values and Total price.  You can quickly check your updated Meal Plan Menu by clicking the Review your Weekly Menu link.

Unavailable Options - Not all meal options will be available for all Meals.  This may be because you have clicked an Allergy option to exclude certain foods or because some food combinations have been restricted due to compatibility, availability or cost.

Reset to Default  - this feature appears at the bottom of the page and allows you start again from the recommended Menu.

Bugs & Technical Issues – as with any new website functionality, we have tested it thoroughly but may have missed a few bugs.  Please note any problems and take a screen shot if you can.  Please send it to us at  With your help, we will try to fix any problems as quickly as possible.

Any urgent issues or questions, please contact us on 1300 801 023 AEST 9am-5pm and on Thursdays 9am-9pm.  Or email us on