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Protein, Carbs & Running - How much do you really need?

A great deal has been written about protein recently but the jury still seems to be out on the ratio of protein to fat to carbohydrates someone who runs for exercise. I have had recent personal experience with maintaining largely carb-free eating (notice I didn’t say diet) that has indicated that the average person’s carbohydrate requirements are far lower than currently suggested. Muscle Meals Direct' Berry Protein Yoghurt | Try it today. How much do you really need? Current thinking seems to indicate...

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You spoke, we listened. As a result of recent customer survey results, as well as adding more variety and value with new meals like our Moroccan Lamb AND 3-Hour Prime Rib Steak, Muscle Meals Direct is proud to announce our first Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale, with up to $75 of value available on orders submitted from now until 11:59pm AEDT, Monday 26th November. Inclusions and Limitations: Free Gifts on all orders include 2 of 3 items: Halo Top Ice...

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Swing into Summer with this easy Kettle-Bell workout

Kettle Bell Swings! The Kettle Bell Swing is a total-body movement that requires power, speed and balance, its one of the most well known kettle bell movements its also one of the most versatile and functional. The Kettle Bell Swing mainly targets the core muscles, hips, glutes and hamstrings, it also activates and strengthens your shoulders and lateral muscles, making for a total body workout like no other.   How to do a Kettle-bell Swing 1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and a kettle...

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Robert Whittaker

Robert Whittaker Nickname: The Reaper Current Rank: Champion Middleweight Bio: Robert John Whittaker (born 20 December 1990) is an Australian professional mixed martial artist fighting out of Menai, Sydney. He is signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and is the current middleweight champion. A professional MMA competitor since 2009, Whittaker was a contestant on the first series of The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes and won the welterweight tournament. Whittaker was previously interim middleweight champion after winning the title at...

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Exclusive Insider workout routine revealed from Josh Lenartowicz!

Exclusive Insider workout routine revealed from Josh Lenartowicz! There's no denying that building muscle takes nothing more than working hard and eating well but for most of us it just isn't that simple. Josh Lenartowicz, Australia's highest ranked Professional Bodybuilder, has been kind enough to share with us his King of the Gym Training System. It is designed for quick and consistent muscle growth to get you jacked and shredded no time. KING OF THE GYM TRAINING SYSTEM  Two week...

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UFC 225 Results - Robert Whittaker Reflects on the Hardest Fight of his Career.

UFC 225 Results - Robert Whittaker Reflects on the Hardest Fight of his Career. Robert Whittaker was forced to go through a five-round battle at UFC 225, but in the end he left the octagon with another victory over Yoel Romero. The fight was competitive from the jump, and after a 25-minute rollercoaster, Whittaker was awarded the victory. Every minute of the fight was fantastic. When you see two high level martial artists utilising high level techniques going at it...

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UFC 225: Australia’s Robert Whittaker is planning to take home the belt once again.

UFC 225: Australia’s Robert Whittaker is planning to take home the belt once again.   ROBERT Whittaker is back and stronger than ever. His focus and raw power  will soon confirm him as Australia’s KO King. Whittaker Defending his UFC middleweight crown in Chicago on June 10 against Cuban monster Yoel Romero, and hopes to give him his first knockout loss inside an Octagon. Rob  has worked through a long recovery of health complications but is now back and...

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5 Food That Trigger Your Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, try avoiding the following five foods that can end up making you feel worse. Coffee Have you ever consumed too much coffee and gotten the jitters? Coffee can worsen existing anxiety and even cause anxious feelings in people who don’t normally suffer from them. This is because caffeine increases cortisol levels, making you feel stressed even if there’s nothing to sweat about. The relationship is so strong, in fact, that lower intakes of caffeine (less than 6...

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Martin Nguyen Still Has His Eye On Three World Titles

Muscle Meals Direct Champion, Martin Nguyen will defend his Title this Weekend! Muscle Meals Direct sponsored athlete, Martin “The Situ-Asian” Nguyen (10-2) is becoming one of the busiest athletes in ONE Championship. The 29-year-old captured both the ONE Featherweight and Lightweight World Championships last year, and narrowly missed out winning the ONE Bantamweight World Title in late March. Now, eight weeks after that five-round battle with Bibiano Fernandes, the Vietnamese-Australian hero is scheduled to defend his featherweight world title for...

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5 Healthy Foods for Winter

5 Meals to Help Boost your Immunity this Winter 1. Make a date with Yoghurt & Muesli Start your day with a healthy slow-release Muscle Meals Yoghurt & Muesli breakfast, which will keep you full of energy until lunch. Muesli are a great way to start your morning and some seasonal winter fruit like berries. 2. Choose fruit and veggies rich in vitamin C Add foods like sweet potatoes, tomatoes, red peppers and citrus fruits to your meals as they...

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