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MMD Transformation Challenge Interview with Kirsty Dobbs July 16, 2014 Winner’s Statement/Info Kirsty Dodds, age 29, Titan Fitness, Coogee I was determined to increase my muscle tone and improve my figure. As you can see, I achieved my goal! Thanks to Muscle Meals, I was able to spend more time at the gym and have nutritious meals ready right when I needed them. What meals did you order? 200 g meal plan with half green veg and half stir-fry veg...

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Adam John Waite Classic Bodybuilding Champion and Diabetes Australia Ambassador Pickup location - Vitamin King Merrylands Interview with Adam Waite 23 April 2015 How did you first get started as a bodybuilder? It’s funny. My cousin’s PT was a bodybuilder. I met him in his studio about four years ago. Seeing his passion and drive, and seeing what he had achieved and how people looked up to him as a role model inspired me. I started off in my first...

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MMD Weight Loss Success Interview with Renae Marcevski November 4th, 2015 Renae Marcevski, age 22  Pick up Location - Aussie Supplements, Wollongong  What goals did you set for yourself? My goal at first was to lose 10kgs & stay committed at least 5 times a week at the gym before or after work. My main goal was to break through the "plateau" stage. When I knew I got to that - losing about 5kgs, I continued to eat clean &...

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Sarah Allen IFBB Bikini Professional Athlete Pickup location - Fitness Republic Miranda Interview with Sarah Allen  10 August 2015 How did you first get started as a Bikini Athlete? I started doing a lot of photoshoots for magazines etc and thought why not intergrate my phsique in a sport that can reach higher potential. My first competition was in 2011, where I realised I had the desire to become an IFBB Professional. What’s your current training and nutrition program? I...

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Joe Pitt Professional Sports Model & Physique Athlete Standard 400gr Meals Plan, ½ carbs & ½ green veg Think 24hr Fitness, Newstead QLD What is your athletic background? I played Rugby League growing up and throughout my teenage years. I was playing as a semi-professional in Queensland and overseas in the UK. When I was 28, injury forced me to retire from Rugby League and led me into the gym. I was already doing gym workouts but my focus shifted...

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MMD Transformation Challenge Interview with Reginald Lee July 16, 2014 Winner's Statement/Info Reggie Bulldozer Lee, age 24, Hurstville Anytime Fitness It's been a long journey and hard work.  I'm happy with the progress - well down from the beginning with 31% body fat, 120kgs.  What goals did you set for yourself? I had been away working for one month before the challenge started. I thought Muscle Meals looked good, and I had a mate who had tried it. He told...

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