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The Secret to Getting Results

Want to know the secret to getting results?!     CONSISTENCY. Yep. That’s it right there. That’s your ‘magic pill’ or ‘secret recipe’ to getting the results you have always wanted. Many people think they are consistent, when they’re not. When the progress they desire doesn’t come about, they will look elsewhere to blame. And this is where we see fad diets and short- term trendy ways of training protocols. A great place to start is writing down everything. Your...

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Mind Over Matter

Being in the right mindset goes a long way when wanting to achieve that perfect physique but there are also certain things you must also do to ensure that you stay in the right mindset. Throughout the journey, you will face challenges and barriers when trying to achieve the perfect physique. First and foremost you must set out SHORT and LONG term goals. SHORT term can be a goal you want to attain on a weekly basis and LONG term...

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Am I Training Shoulders the right way to make them grow?

Deltoids can be really difficult to grow for some people and others they just seem to hang off. Part of this is always going to be a genetic disposition but that doesn’t mean we can improve them regardless of this.  For example, rep range & tempo is crucial, especially the eccentric/negative phase of the movements. I often see people just banging away with no control or contraction of the muscle.  What’s the alternative? Try lowering the weight slightly and ensuring...

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How to GROW your Legs!

Legs are known as being the hardest body part to train, some people (including myself), get a little nervous or anxious prior to leg training because they know what's to come! Here I outline 3 tips to training legs properly & tips to get you focused! 1. Train your mind & visualize - Plan your workout ahead of time & imagine yourself going through the workout and how the pump & strain on the muscle is going to feel. Also if...

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Name: Jess Mancini Category: LGL Player – Sydney Surge Meal Plan: Lite 200gr Meals, ½ carbs & ½ green vegetables Pick Up Point: Body Beyond, Mount Druitt, NSW Key Quotes Working full time and keeping up with the massive commitment of training with the Surge, I found myself short of time to do my own meal prep.  Muscle Meals works perfectly for me, my training and lifestyle. When did you first start eating Muscle Meals? I started ordering Muscle Meals...

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Darcy Lussick NRL Player – Parramatta Eels Interview with Darcy Lussick 4 October 2014 When did you first start eating Muscle Meals? Last year, Muscle Meals was feeding the Parramatta Eels during pre-season. I liked the meals so started buying them. The best thing about Muscle Meals is how easy it is. I can’t cook and I don’t have much time between training sessions, so I can just grab a meal and throw it in the microwave – and it’s...

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Jessica Spendlove NRL Sports Dietician – Cronulla Sharks Interview with Jessica Spendlove 9 October 2014 How long have you been working as a Sports Dietician with the Cronulla Sharks NRL team? I’m just going into my third season working with the Cronulla Sharks. I also work with the GWS Giants AFL team and with private clients at Balmain Sports Medicine and Sydney Sports Medicine in Olympic Park. My role as Sports Dietician involves group education sessions and individual consultations. On...

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Lisa King from Anytime Fitness, Chelsea, VIC Natural Bodybuilder Competitor Interview with Lisa King 22 August 2014 It’s surreal.  You’re in a bikini and you’re being judged.  The lights are shining; the music is blaring and you can’t see anyone.  It feels like you’re up there for 20 years but it’s about 10 minutes.  It is the biggest adrenalin rush. What competitions are you competing in? I’ll be competing in the Bikini INBA competition on September 14.  All my friends...

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Natural Bodybuilder Competitor Interview with Patrick Valero 21 August 2014 Patrick Jack Valero from Adrenalin HQ, West Ryde, NSW I used to get stressed over training but now I focus only on my diet.  I have had better results by focusing on diet.  My advice is to focus on your diet, train as hard as you can, but don’t stress about training. What competitions are you competing in? I’m a Natural Bodybuilder.  I’ll be competing in two INBA competitions; one...

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